Thursday, 28 April 2011

What it's all about!

One of my passions in life is to encourage kids and young people to be excited about drawing and expressing themselves through art. Be it with comics or more traditional methods.

In this weeks issue of The Dandy I had a lovely surprise when I saw this drawing published on the mailbag page. This young Dandy fan has drawn all his favourite characters and it was a real thrill for me to see the inclusion of my character Daredevil Dad!

For me, this is what drawing comics and entertaining children is all about.


Sunday, 10 April 2011

Who Stays?

The Dandy's 'Strictly Come Laughing ' contest is now in it's final week. Ending midnight 16th April the strip with the most votes stands to be commissioned for a full series and will become a Dandy regular.

Which is a big deal to all concerned. Us freelance cartoonists work really hard to come up with fun original and above all entertaining comics for you to enjoy, and any break can be a in real terms a financial lifeline.

We love the work we create and to see a character we have created and become attached to come to an end in such a way as this is frankly a bit upsetting.

This weeks Dandy is still on sale until Wednesday and if you haven't yet checked out the 4 contending strips in this competition please do so. They are all strong contenders and all deserve a longer run.

It's all good fun and for the individual(s) who win, it could provide a much needed boost to their career so please vote wisely. Once your mind is made up go here and cast your vote. I will add that of course I would dearly love to write and draw more Daredevil Dad stories but you dear readers are judge, jury and executioner.... Who Stays? You Decide!
Most of all ENJOY!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Daredevil Dad's Last Stunt?

On sale today! The Dandy this week features the final round of 'Strictly Come Laughing'. This means this will be Daredevil Dad's last appearance in the comic unless he can win your votes.

I would hate to see him killed off after only 6 episodes but it's out of my hands and over to you dear readers.

Do you want to see more of Dad's crazy stunts?

Will he stay? You decide! Cast your vote here.
you don't have to register or give any details to do so, so what have you got to lose? VOTE VOTE VOTE!

Many Thanks

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

The very talented, budding comic strip creator Harry Rickard posted me this brill birthday card yesterday.

He's done a great job on Daredevil Dad and even captured my likeness!

Thanks Harry.

Voting is going well with Daredevil Dad creeping back up after plummeting into second yesterday. The competition is almost over. So please keep casting your votes at