Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Pirate O' The Year

It's Dandy day and this week Cap'n Yap is in the running for 'Pirate O' The Year.

Does he win? Pick up your copy to find out. It's another packed issue which features a star studded trip to Dandytown swimming baths for Harry and His Hippo! And the awesome talent of Karl Dixon brings us some more Hysterical History, this weeks lesson... TORTURE!

And watch out because in next weeks issue there's a Bear Behind! Courtesy of Stu Munro.

Artwork © DC Thomson & Co. Ltd.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Hand Over Your Sausages!

Poor old Cap'n Yap's tum is growling and to top it all, it's only fish on the menu. Bleeeurrgh!

Read this weeks Sea Dogs in The Dandy Out today.

And grumbling tums cause problems for Harry and His Hippo too!

It's a cracking issue for Wayne Thompson fans as we get a double page Bananaman adventure as our hero tries to catch criminal mastermind 'The Mouse'. And we get the first installment of 'Fu Schnicken the Kung Fu Chicken'. Bok bok!


Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Pesky Pests!

In this weeks Dandy the crew of the Black Flea have a pest problem to contend with. I'm sure it will end well... don't you think?

There's lots to enjoy this issue with the continuing adventures of the worlds premier fruit based fighting force, Bananaman by the awesome talent of Wayne Thompson, and poor old George is feeling a bit flat but hey there's pizza!

Back to it's usual page count and cover price of £1.50 you can't go far wrong picking up a copy of the UK's longest running weekly comic.